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Introduction of Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School Vol. 2


Hello, everyone! While we are sure that some of you reading our blog are already familiar with Japanese language schools and the services they provide, we would like to take the time to introduce the class schedule and the responsibilities of our teachers here at Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School.


At our school, classes are split into two main blocks, the morning class and the afternoon class. Morning classes start a little later than usual, at 9:30AM, while afternoon classes begin at 1:30PM. During their various breaks and in the afternoons when morning and afternoon classes cross paths, students of different nationalities gather in the school's free space, and we can often hear their lively conversation from inside the office.


When one thinks of the responsibilities of a Japanese language teacher, the first thought that pops to mind is most likely teaching Japanese classes. While that is certainly correct, that is not all that they do. Aside from teaching classes, teachers prepare homework and examination papers, conduct and mark them, provide guidance for further education and, at times, provide counseling and individual tutoring to students who are struggling to make progress in their studies.

During classes, a teacher must not be the only one speaking, instead providing opportunities for their students to improve their communication skills, keeping them engaged, lively and piquing their academic curiousity. In order to achieve all of this, it is vital to have the skills necessary to control a classroom of 20 students.

Of course, it is impossible to expect a teacher to be able to do all these things well from the get-go. Our teachers overcome various difficulties every day as they continue growing as a person and an instructor.


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