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Heartful School

To make each student's dream come true.

Enjoy the beauty of connecting at the'heart'

What's Tokyo Cocoro

1 - Practice native-level speaking

The conversation topics used in our classes are original. Instead of memorizing example conversations from the textbook, we practice conversations that are useful to daily life.

2 -  Enjoy conversation with you 

During Cocoro's lessons, the instructor is not the only one standing. Students get to stand up and practice conversation too. By imagining that they are facing various situations, students practice using roleplay.

3 - Experience the real Japan

Cocoro doesn't only rely on materials from the textbook. Using "real life" examples, such as television programs and flyers, students will be exposed to practical Japanese daily. When you find yourself able to understand television  or read books in Japanese, you will surely be able to tell how much you have grown!

​ Course

We have a "study abroad course" for those who aim to pass the JLPT, seek higher education in a university or technical institution or find employment in Japan. We also have "short courses" that can be attended regardless of time of enrollment or length of study, "group lessons" where you can enjoy learning with your friends at affordable prices, "private lessons" for focused, one-on-one learning, and "online courses" for those not in Japan who wish to learn more about the country. You will surely be able to find a course that suits your individual needs.



Extracurricular activities are one of the unique features of Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School. These activities are held quite frequently, a total of 8 times a year, and will enable you to experience the "heart" of Japan outside of the classroom. Would you like to experience this "heart" alongside us?


The school is a 10 minute walk from either the Tobu-Tojo Line's Kami-Itabashi station or Tokiwadai station. By train, it takes 10 minutes to get to Ikebukuro from the school, and about 20 minutes to get to Shinjuku, Tokyo and Shibuya. Located in a quiet residential area of Itabashi City, the school is right next to the Itabashi City Central Library and Peace Park, making it the perfect environment to focus on one's studies.
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3-25-2 Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Tokiwadai 3-25-2, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo



Opening Hours


9:00am – 6:00pm

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