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  • School term: 4 semesters (January, April, July and October)

  • Number of faculty members: 12 (3 administrative, 9 teaching)

  • Number of students: less than 90 ※as of 2023 Number of

  • study hours: 800 hours a year (50 days per semester)

  • Numberof classes: 5 (separated into morning and afternoon classes)

  • Class hours: (Morning class) 9:30AM ~ 12:50PM
            (Afternoon class) 1:30PM ~ 4:50PM






AM Class​

09:30 ~ 10:15

10:25 ~ 11:05

11:15 ~ 12:00

12:05 ~ 12:50

PM Class

1:30 ~ 2:15

2:20 ~ 3:05

3:15 ~ 4:00

4:05 ~ 4:50

Study Abroad Course

Enrollment period: April, October (twice a year).

Available course lengths: 2 year, 1 and a half years and 1 year

This course was designed to help students build a strong Japanese foundation while polishing their speaking skills, which will aid them in passing the JLPT or furthering their education in universities, graduate schools or vocational schools. We aim to allow students to do more than just study the required grammar. Instead, students will have the opportunity to use the grammar and vocabulary taught in class to actively practice communcating with others, allowing them to acquire "useable Japanese" starting from the beginner level.



Group 20 (2).png
​High intermediate

Students may have just enrolled in the school, but this foundational period greatly affects one's proficiency upon graduation. The course is designed to help students understand the basic structure of the Japanese language and the best ways to study.


Course materials: Japanese by Theme: Intermediate Level
Target level: JLPT N3, N2

Course materials: Minna no Nihongo I, II etc
Target level: JLPT N5, N4


Course materials: Japanese by Theme: Advanced etc Target level: JLPT N1

Study more complex Japanese, such as television and newspaper articles. They will learn how to glean information from graphs and data, as well as summarize their own thoughts, opinions and speculations. They will be exposed to difficult situations in order to further improve their conversational skills.

Building upon what students have learned in the elementary level, more complex forms of Japanese will be introduced. Students will learn about Japanese culture, customs, thoughts and beliefs, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to communicate smoothly with Japanese people.


1 year course



Enrollment period: April

Selection fee: ¥20,000

Entrance fee: ¥50,000

Tuition fee: ¥648,000

Facility fee / Activities fee / textbook fee

Enrollment period: October

Selection fee: ¥20,000

Entrance fee: ¥50,000

Tuition fee: ¥972,000


1 year and 6 months course



Facility fee / Activities fee / textbook fee

Enrollment period: April

Selection fee: ¥20,000

Entrance fee: ¥50,000

Tuition fee: ¥1,296,000


2 year course



Facility fee / Activities fee / textbook fee

tokyo-cocoro-japanese-language-school-team-32-12 (1)_edited.png

General Course

Enrollment period: January, April, July, October

※Depending on one's Japanese level, students may join at any time.

Students without a study abroad visa are still able to study Japanese with us. As each student has various purposes and goals for which they are studying, the course length is flexible. Classes are available at each level (elementary, intermediate and advanced), so students can study in the class that suits their skill level. At Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School, we aim for our students to acquire "usable Japanese".

Prospective students are only required to have a passport, residence card (if applicable) and current photograph to enroll. Details on the admission fees can be found below.


Admission fee

Tuition fee

Facility fee

​1 semester




1 month ~




※Enrollment and admission fees are only required for the first enrollment. Fees for teaching materials are calculated separately.

Other courses

Online lesson

Regardless of location and time zone, our school is capable of providing online lessons. Whether you would like to learn Japanese in your home country, or are trying to pick up more Japanese in preparation for studying abroad, we offer a tailored curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students.

Private lesson

Group lesson

Enrollment period, class hours, course materials, class speed etc are all customizable. Before classes begin, we will discuss what kind of Japanese you need (daily conversation, business level conversation, JLPT preparation etc) and what your goals are so that we can tailor the best possible curriculum for you.

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